Picking the right foundation for oily skin can be a big challenge for women (and possibly men!). Just like with the cleansing and moisturizing products, the key here is to narrow your choices down to a few different foundations and test them out to find out which one works best with your skin.

Using a foundation that isn’t working well with your skin could harm the condition of your skin in the long run.

Because of how active the oily skin type is throughout the day, people with oily skin tend to find it hard to keep a consistent look with their makeup throughout the day. Some foundations tend to form patches as the day goes on.

Try to avoid

Avoid foundations that contain bismuth oxychloride and dimethicone. These are pore-clogging agents and that is not what looking for.
Avoid foundations that contain oil from petroleum.
Avoid foundations that contain alcohol (just like with the cleansing products)
Don’t apply the foundation to your face using your fingers! This will just transfer more oil onto your face.
Don’t apply too much foundation.
Don’t pick a foundation based how good they look on other people. Different skin types yield different results.


Apply the foundations to your face using a makeup sponge.
Apply a thin layer of foundation only. Not only will this leave you looking better, it will make your foundation last longer!
Use a foundation a shade lighter than what you would expect to use. The oil on skin causes the foundation to look darker once applied.
The foundation should include kaolin clay, which helps absorb oil.
Foundations that contain titanium dioxide protect your skin from the sun.
If the foundation contains serecite then it helps minimize the appearance of large pores and helps absorb oil.
Water based foundation is recommended.
The recommendations are just for your guidance. Remember to try a few different foundations out, you’ll never know how well one may work with your skin unless you try it!

Here are some examples of foundations that I like:

Bourjois Mineral Matte Mousse Foundation This has been getting great reviews from people with oily skin. It’s a bit too thick for people in hot climates or with extremely oily skin but on average it does a great job.
Revlon Colorstay is frequently recommended so it may be worth trying out however it does contain some undesirable ingredients such as dimethicone.